The word “Art” for humans is an active vocabulary, which evolves from the domain of expression. A pathway where we juggle between mundane and profane. An outcome of our channel entwined to our subconscious, conscious and supra-conscious conception of our mind, often demonstrated by the labour of our heart. Many theoreticians and critics have already drawn multiple definitions of their perception of art. In our current day to day phase, we have been witnessing how the role of art is transforming, since we are already equipped with the problematics of cultural, political and social mechanism. As well as historically from the assembly of caves to the aristocracy of monumental egoism. The journey of art from it’s thought form, spoken form to social form.

image credit: Lauri Laukkanen

Self portrait in pyrography technique

Among earlier works of self portraits done in water colours and other mediums, this piece was quite an experience. This medium which is commonly used for craft oriented pieces, can also be explored in the Art works that which is related to concepts and studies. The character of the wood burning technique with a wire like device appears similar to wood cut printing technique. The only difference here is to burn the wood surface; so in a way it is like drawing, painting and carving at the same time, through this process.



A Recent work (2017)designed to be an instrument with a sculptural framework.

eclipse 1       ECLIPSED EARTH

eclipse 2        ECLIPSED HEART

By designating ourselves as masters of the crafts and politically constructing the legacy oriented robots, to hold on to the post of supremacy. We invented more to cling towards our own convincing theories, being unsure of the response of discovered vicinities.

Right from prehistory; from a mild urge of surviving as the fittest to the industrialized present. We invented rituals of name giving, to brand and label our tents, scattered in numerous climatic zones. The natural geometry of infinity, precisely dwarfed for fitting into the wild-concreteness, being unaware of our fragility of ineffable calamities. We imitated the momentary “Eclipse” of spatial theatrics to demolish this sustained Earth and our maintained Hearts. Our mind galvanized the simple ways of nurturing, with complex means, that which appear in an indefinite eclipse to an end.


Sixty-Four Moves and Within it Multiple-More.

Remnants of browsing through Ancient History of East, India in particular; there was mentioned that a King in order to be capable to rule his reign must be equipped with sixty-four arts of Life and that concerns also beyond. That probably may not strike you, but it struck me, since a chess board has 64 squares. How many present day world leaders have such a quality? And how this game came into being? Is this a symbolic representation of 64 arts, as ancient as this game is known to humankind? I am not a chess player, nor I am interested to make one move within 2 hours waiting time. But I admire people playing it, since strategies of the brain and it’s scheming of moves, all these are in action within the thought form of the opponents. Therefore I made all the squares appear different although the tempo of the grid appears repetitive. Sixty-four drawings so to say in a given frame. Each piece symbolically depicts the motion of our “Brain Wave”.
This project interested me and so I made it for a friend (Juho) who is deep into chess. Done with pyrography technique (wood burning). I attempted to bring Art and utility together.
Thought of putting the details as clear it can be!

It is not so accurate but an assumption that the chess originated in the 6th century AD in Jambudeepa (Peninsula) of the Sub-continent, present day India. The concept traversed through Persia towards the Arab world. Then through Moors towards Europe. So the West came to know about this strategic concept much later. Originally known as Chaturang that translates to four divisions of infantry, cavalry, elephantry and chariotry. Persians changed it into Shah which means King. The Arabs named it as Shatranj. The Spanish named it as axedrex; to Portuguese it became xadrez and in Greece it became zatrikion. Likewise it took manifold names according to the lingual twist around the world. The metaphor that functions with metaphors.


image credit: Tatu Liimatainen


Scale – 149 X 74.5 cm. (Pyrography- Wood Burning Art)
An issue based work done recently bringing forth the Socio-political climate of the present days (especially in the West). Sometimes to raise those points in general is important and is a subjective requirement so as to understand the problematics. In a society of course there are individuals with exceptions having sound intentions in social and political understanding and practice. Whereas, we also know the fact, that we mostly deal with the general atmosphere of society and politics within us, where the issues; however bitter to think, feel or see through, comes out very much clear on the table. Therefore we cannot just blankly deny it. This work with symbolic personifications and text appeal, projects to the crises that “the Other” goes through.

image credit: Tatu Liimatainen

Symbolic Denomination : An Irony

( A New Work in Pyrographic technique)
The denomination of symbols as used in emblems of believe system and customs of domestic upbringing also forming as a symbol that manipulates humanity from being humane in nature!

image credit: Erik Torpström

(Recent work in pyrography medium – presenting both the sides of the same wood panel
). The following work illustrates through text and images the issue of “Identity” as a “Human” Crises. Below the manuscript text, one can see the depiction of “Living roots Bridge” – found only in Meghalaya, my birthplace – a wonder of the world, also as a symbol how Human and Nature can work together.

image credit: Tatu Liimatainen

Wavelength Of Resonance

A Recent Work in this medium depicting the frequency, intensity and wavelength of sound, illustrated graphically. The Instrument Fregitra which I play has this innumerable and vast range of sound dimension. While I am conversing with this instrument, I concentrate on producing organic spatial sound with little electronic effects, mostly with my finger techniques. In this work I have illustrated the atmosphere, mood and environment that the instrument creates, in a way one can perceive while listening. Another vital point for me is that I am the instrument of this device and not the other way around. It is a part of my expression to depict emotions.

image credit: Tatu Liimatainen

Pyrographic Log

The Intricacies, concepts on wood panel!! Apart from the crafting part which is executed here that we usually do with pen, pencil or other tools, here the equipment is only different! Wood work is close to Finnish environment and I am willing to bring out more as Art pieces conceptually – issue based and also as commission works; meanwhile more works will be coming up in the same medium from me! Lets say I am interested in designing the interior of Sauna in this technique on wood surface, for instance.



The Odyssey from the left!

Here we are perambulating within the tiny polka dot, amidst the vast bodies of existence; lurking on differences that sit on our inventive convincing theories. Yet we think we have the vanity of our “becoming” tinted position, influencing the Right and discarding what is left!

[A recent pyrography – Wood burning work!
Presenting both sides of the single panel of wood!]


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