A RECIPE ( A score to Perform)
( These are my favourite things
which are not my favourite things)

Ingredients- Thoughts, Sensations, Feelings, sentiments,
Spices of Words :-footnotes,endnotes,
bibliography, appendix,
preface, acknowledgement.
Tools- Breathing device- Mouth & Nose.
Working device- Steel Bowl, table, spoon, ladle, stainer,
cups, squeezer, boiler / burner, hands,
buttocks, container, mouth.
Mix 10 cups of Thoughts in a steel bowl.
Add 6 tea spoons of sensations in the mixture of thoughts.
Clatter the sensation and thoughts for 2 minutes with a ladle.
Add 9 drops of feelings.
(Mix the three ingredients well enough, until one gets 7 colour of aura
juxtaposed, to give an unidentified complexion,that, one can get from
the added ingredients.)
Drop sprinkles of words through the mouth.
(Watch out for labels of the words that which work as spices for the
Drop the spice- acknowledgement with the hands.
(Use the ladle to churn the ingredients along with the added spice with
the label- acknowledgement.)
Drop one tea spoon of the spice- preface.
(Wait till these ingredients get the colour of constipation, at least for
3 minutes.)
Breath in and out with both the mouth and nose, towards the mixture
until one is ready to blow the next spice on the steel bowl.
Blow the footnote – spice through the nose.
(Wait for 2 seconds until the footnote-spice adds discomfort to the mixed
Add the spice – endnote with the sentiment alongside.
Then use the buttocks and squeezer to allow the aroma to resonate
from the mixed preparation.
(Wait a while till the aroma fades into the oblivion.)
Slice the hard block of spice-bibliography in micro pieces.
(Use the hands for slicing this spice.)
Make a dressing using the squeezer with the spice-bibliography into the
ingredients through the stainer
Put the steel bowl of processed ingredients on the boiler/ burner until
one can have the vision of the dead line.
Lastly boil the mixed ingredient with few drops of spice – appendix to
bring out the smoke of problematizing. Forget the solution.
Here is the cuisine presented in the containers of confusion ready
to hit the Brain.

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