My artistic approach in the early years of visual practice with the notion of Otherness, was explored through the choice of unconventional materials. Inspecting the vulnerabilities and the temporal phases of materials which were far apart from monotonous syllabus of academic framework. These old works were not documented in a refined style, but forms an idea of my practices. Most of the work materials were drawn from ecological wealth and recycled ingredients. The durational process and the actual size of those works are variable and often left in the specific sites for their own life span through weathering process.



11 feet in height. Sculpting the mulberry tree -work done in Dehradun, 2006 .



Eco-recycled materials with weaving technique, Mahi Kalagramam, Kerela, 2003.


Site Specific work (Granite stone carving attested to stucco), Mahi Kalagramam, Kerela, 2003.

enigma in litho

Site Specific work- granite slabs, coral binded in stucco process, done in Auroville, Pondicherry, (Auroville Khoj Residency) 2003.


Untitled. Bamboo, jute ropes with animal glue binder, 2002.


Stucco, Metal rods . kinetic approach. Size – Variable. 2001


Stucco Relief , 2001.

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