Selected Actions (solo and collaborations)

(for detail viewing of the images – Suvaś Facebook Artist Page)








Event -Spring Fest organized by Taidetila Katve – Open Atelier – May 14th 2017.
Action of engaging the viewers while randomly placing the empty envelopes to them scribed inside with “compatible” / “uncompatible” = “Incompatible”. Scrubbing and rinsing bunch of Women Shoes. Gulping white liquid (milk) and spilling towards the cluster of those shoes. Spraying the Deodorant (men’s odor) above and over the drenched shoes. Walking away by taking along the storming of thoughts.





fregitra pixel 2

Pixelache Festival 2016 “Interfaces for Empathy”, Helsinki

A short presentation in the open forum program, at the Rocking chair space. Venue -Lapinlahden sairala, Helsinki, Finland.
Sound Performances ( encounters, explorations, expressions) 2015-2017.

Fregitra a custom made sound instrument, through which in past three years experimenting in several collaborative and solo performances in Finland. Few interesting projects occurred with Butoh performers, Dance pedagogues, Performance Artist and Improvisation with experimental and Jazz musicians.








PERFORMANCE FIESTA 2015, [ Noise against Hierarchy, 7th of August ]

Ville Karel and Suva (Collaboration)

A sound collaboration with Performance Artist Ville Karel; Performance Fiesta, 2015 at Hirvitalo Pispalan Nykytaiteen Keskus, Tampere, Finland. Image by Simo P.J. Ulvi. 




Utopia-Dystopia – A performance 2014

“What we see with Outer eye is different from inner eye”
Performance involving the observers to participate in this Performance Event at Väinö Linnan aukio, Tampere , Finland – 12.7.2014.






Performance Fiesta – “Fear and Floating”  Hirvitalo – 2013

I can create an action but it is more important for an active participation and observation of the viewers.








A collaboration with the artist creating a visual frame yet active in the presence of onlookers. Performance by Philip Luddite & Suva in Diverse Universe Performance Festival Event in Pori Finland. Image by Al Paldrok

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