Drawings & Paintings

Specimens of my poster designs, drawings, paintings.


Wood burning drawing on the body of Electric Baritone Ukulele. Spring 2017

This is a collaboration with On Tämäki, a Musician who builds guitars and other instruments. I got interested to work with this medium of pyrography, which I have been doing lately.

poster suva

A poster design (A3 Size) for our concert – 11 Feb 2016. Water colour and Ink

When music touches the primordial sound atmosphere and goes beyond the registered hearing of human ear (consisting of set rhythm and tones) and when the SOUND is beyond the craze of noise; that is where the Heart of music evolves. As musicians our instruments are the tools to reach that channel of realization and we become the instruments ourselves!



yantra of third eye

The Yantra of the third Eye – Pen and ink.

From a series of drawings called Diagonal space




img in cluster



The Yellow phase Scribbles, where words take graphical forms!





word drops


A performative note book – Visual record of participatory transmission through casual sincere discussions  with friends and acquaintances, in the form of collaborative sketches, words and sentences.





Portrait of my documenter

A Water colour portrait of a friend, who had been documenting through images and videos my works, performances and performing arts.





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