Thoughts Perform Actions

A passage from his Manuscript – Thoughts Perform Actions”.



We are being laid in the third space of identity, which we are yet to identify. Our identity is technically handled, bound in a culture conscious state. Our Identity is layered with an Armour of defense mechanism, implanted with the influence of lingual patent. Our identity is caged in a geographic locational sentiment, affected by the chromosome of climatic phenomena. Our identity is forced into the compact disc of labeled religions, where the atmosphere of spiritual consciousness is painstakingly contaminated with patterned norms. Our identity is costumed with the stuffed belief system and ostracized, out of the circles, when we become seekers. Our identity is dissected into the generalized forum of differences and woefully we get placed, when we discover our unified diversity. Our identity is numerically lined, being categorically sentenced by the invisible cell of paperworks. Our identity rests on the authorship of genetically shimmering tectonic plane, that which is lost in the voidistic space of zodiacs. Our identity is ruthlessly glorified within the over-emphasized nature of gendered domains. Our identity is prized in the hegemonic hierarchy of flesh and blood. Our identity is disposed to the Othering of our self and detonated at the border of confrontation coated with illusion. Our identity is no longer beneficial, unless we recognize the soul entity which enriches in being Human



This domain of wisdom, ever since had been, in patent, onto the venomous files of knowledge. We know that wisdom has been always vestured in the colloquial costume of common sense. Then this domain functioned in the sphere of verbal performance. That has been a phase evident with oral tradition and alongside there has been the freedom for interpretation, of a particular thought ingredient – in other words a stage of improvisation. The moment, knowledge invaded the simplistic organic form of wisdom, knowledge contaminated the mode of existence, by branding the wisdom in the dungeon of catalogs, frames and uniforms. In other words knowledge colonized the sensitive organs of wisdom, the rights diminished.
Wisdom is like the flame which was passed on from generation to generation by the lanes of heritage; until the interference of knowledge staged a catastrophic demand of the active prospects, transforming the entire mode into passive energetic mines. Wisdom was based on growth of individual, whereas knowledge diverted into the prudent personification of individualism. Wisdom reinforced our self awareness, self esteem and took us into the realm of our-selves. Knowledge ransacked, replacing with selfish acknowledgement of our cultivation, into ceaseless taxation and increased the revenue by forming an epidemic of academic monstrosity. Knowledge reigned high as mechanical pesticide, crushing the good bacterias that could have been a sound survival manure for sustenance.


We are accustomed to assume our previous birth state and presume the aftermath of death, involving the circumstantial situation of our physical plane. Our physical plane is a labour force run by the mental faculty. This functioning body is a managing booth of inevitable space, time and mannerisms of happening activities. A lot happens or remains static in the circumnavigation of existential paradigm. Our journey relies quite much on this constitution in rotundity. Besides such speculations, we are interwoven in the phenomena of mental and physical properties that which links us to the anatomy of life, that reconsiders a shared space amidst this governing body. When we look into what we know as health, in most cases the effect and cause revolves around these circuits of connection. As humans we do not have access to the ground level in recalling the past or previous life cycle or to reveal the impact-oriented post of future dynamics. So that brings us to the mid ways which we know as present. Therefore we, generally keep aside our sub-conscious, unconscious and supra-conscious catalog, to dust out only our present consciousness. Our being in this consciousness relates to the “gift” of life, often in a transitory phase of pleasant and unpleasant catharsis. This depends on the umbrella-form of our circumstance that triggers our modes, methods, means and mannerisms. We therefore get enlisted as passengers in the vehicle of reaction.



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