Exploring Sound Particles with Electric Guitar (Yamaha)


Echographic Effects from FreGitra – Video Performance


Global container 11 , Estonia 2010,

Performance – Perfo Philosuva
Video Ernest Truly


7 years ago -A Ritual Performance.
The third Log drum communication project documented on 12th June 2010. This work includes a Performance Ritual, sharing with the people of the North, the early method of communication. Executed at the Oranki Environmental Art Camp , Pelo.
Video Documentation – Armi Nurminen
Editing – Ismo Torvinen & Suva.
My Regards and Acknowledgement to Oranki Art Association of Pello, Lapland; to Sauli Miettunen, Tuomas Korkalo, Ninni Korkalo; and all the Artists and Viewers who were present in that event.


7 days in Exotic Ways РDocumentari РErkki Pirtola on my  performances and my first encounter with alternative Art scene in Finland.


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