Log drum communication project was first implemented during my artist residency at Hirvitalo, Center of Contemporary Arts, where I got the opportunity to explore the sense of community in sub-cultural context. As a multi disciplinary artist which involves visual arts, performing arts and performance, I organized a public event with the collaboration of the local artist community on 16th December 2008. The second construction, installment and performance with the log drum occurred during the Nights of Live Arts at TeaK, Helsinki in the first week of December 2009, where I examined the problematics of sense of community in academic space. The third construction and ritual presentation of this work was done in the month of June 2010, being a participating artist in the Oranki Art camp at Pello, Lapland, where the community feeling had been engaging and marked with embodiment of cultural memory.  My interest of using this log drum tool in Finland is largely based on the fundamental necessity and importance of wood materials. In relevance to the availability of this material, I constructed this device as a tool to involve sound interaction, which interweaves difference and diversity within people from native and foreign background, in order to embrace multiculturalism. The main task of this log drum communication project is to feature a linking medium between the criteria of cultural mechanism with the notion of multi-disciplinary approach within my expertise.

In the near future, there is the will to expand the project further. Specific exploration through this project will be on the operation of the Log drums to invite reactions from the public for opening up dialogues in the issue of inclusion and exclusion which correlates with visual art, performing art and performance, video archiving, talks and workshop events. The aim is to look at how collaborative action functions, which can generate new perspectives on cultural identity through old network system and supported by present day technology. In order to achieve that, there will be a collective display of sound-communication performance by the public in the respective cities of Finland, where the log drums will be carved, displayed and executed. The target audience will be the participating observers from both native and immigrant backgrounds.

Tukkirumpu D

December 2008 – Hirvitalo, Center of Contemprary Art, Pispala, Tampere.

tukkirumpu E

December 2009 – Nights of Live Arts , TeaK, University of Arts, Helsinki.

Tukkirumpu i

June 2010, Oranki Art Camp, Pello, Laplnd.

tukkirumpu F

Problematics of sense of community, examined in the Academic space

Tukkirumpu j

Embodiment and catharsis of the viewers – local and international.

planning the future log drum

A graphic plan of the future log drum projects.

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