Past events
11th of March – Waves and Ridges performs Fino-Indian music exploration,
Simo laihonen on flute and percussion
Suva on vocals and percussion
Gopal Reastaurant, Tammela, Tampere, Finland.( Past event)
16th of March
to – ISSUE- Open Demonstration Forum (Past Event)
4th of April
28th Of March – Lost cattle performs conceptual music (Past Event)
Frankie Shannon – Sound mixer
Suva – Vocals and drums
Vastavirta Klubbi, Tampere, finland.

Upcoming Events
28th of April – “The Other” in the space of “An-Other” Artistic work on my thesis ( Ongoing event)

24th of May – Documentation -Exhibition of my Artistic Thesis work – The Other in the space of An-Other
TEAK , Helsinki, Finland. Duration:13.00-19.00.

Event passed:-

Musicians on a blind date concert
on Thursday 7th of June 7 PM
Kahvila Hertta
Näsilinnankatu 22, Tampere

The idea of Musicians on a blind date event is to bring together in one place some of our country’s leading pop / jazz musicians for free improvisation. Speciality and rarity of line-ups are of special attention in order to hear some very surprising music. Musicians on a blind date is not a jam session, but an experiment to experiment with different line-ups.

The line-up:

Teemu Viinikainen (guitar)
Mikko Iivanainen (guitar)
Suva (percussion)

“Teemu Viinikainen is one of the top 20 jazz guitarists in the world”, says internationally renowned professor, author and critic, Stuart Nicholson.

As a supreme instrumentalist and soulful interpreter, the well-known virtuoso from Helsinki has, over the years, played in a number of top groups. Among others, the ensembles of Jukka Perko, Eero Koivistoinen and Jukkis Uotila have assisted in Viinikainen becoming well known by jazz audiences. Within their ranks, he has risen to become a world-class guitarist. This is evidenced by his cooperation with such major overseas artists as Joe Lovano, Tim Hagans and Randy Brecker.

Mikko Iivanainen is the founding member of Nordic Trinity and has also played with Free Control, Kurkirku and Johanna Iivanainen Duo. He has performed and recorded with for example Anders Bergcrantz, Ulf Krokfors, Iro Haarla, Severi Pyysalo, Raoul Björkenheim and Tom Nekljudov. He plays in Johanna Iivanainen’s self titled CD, which was nominated for the Emma Award as one of the best Finnish jazz recordings in 2004. Mikko’s talents can also be heard on Loco Motife’s Penguin Beguine. Their CD received the Emma Award for the Best Finnish Jazz Recording in 2005. Mikko has performed in Marocco and in Austria with an international group called Tales.

Coming from visual background Suva sculpts his own drums. His interests are in improvisation and experimentation. He is exploring music of different genres. He combines the eastern style of rhythm with western tradition. He has been performing in various concerts in collaboration with Black Motor. At present he has an independent duo band Waves and Ridges along with the jazz drummer and flute player Simo Laihonen.

The first Musicians on a blind date concert was organized on 12th of August 2011 in Kahvila Hertta. The line-up was Sonny Heinilä, Tero Saarti, Julius Heikkilä and Markus Ketola.

The event was organized by Center of Contemporary Art Pispala

images from this event which took place in 7th of June 2012 :-


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