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2015 – MA in Live Art &Performance studies, (TEAK) Theater Academy, Helsinki, Finland
2004 – Masters Degree in Fine Arts (Sculpture) College Of Arts, Delhi
2001 – Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts (Sculpture) Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda


2011 – Yoga instructor in the program of Joint Studies, February to April, Theatre Academy, Helsinki, Finland.
2009 – Live music, Pispalan theater organization.
2007 – Visiting Faculty of Fine Art, IFFI, Dehradun, India.
2004 – Art Instructor, (MPS) Mussourie, India.
2003 – Draftsmanship and designs, Q Events Pvt.Ltd., Noida, India.


2010 – Environmental Art camp, 4th to 12th June, Oranki Art, Pello, Lapland.
2008 – Time & Material (group Show) at Stainless Gallery, Delhi, India.
2007 – Eco & recycled product design for the company Commanding Heights, Trade Expo, Delhi, India.
2004 – Suraj Kund Sculptor & Painters Camp, Haryana, India.
2003 – GANGSEY Art Show, Sri Lanka.
2001 – Encounter Contemporary Art Festival, Kashi Art Café, Kerela, India.
2001 – Visiting Sculptor in Malayala Kalagramam, Mahe, Kerela, India.
2000 – Animal Architecture workshop by Valsan Kolleri, Ahmedabad, India.
1999 – Terracotta Workshop, O-Range: a group of artists, Vidyanagar, India.
1994 – 3rd Regional Art exhibition, Arrikamedu Art Academy, Pondicherry, India.
1993 – 15th All India Art Exhibition, Hyderabad, India.


2016 – Organizer of world music event involving immigrant and local musicians, Alap Pelto Music Fest, Taidetila Pelto, May 12th, Tampere, Finland.
2014 – Sound Performance, open forum of Tonight performance event, May 23rd, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland.
2014 – Sound Performance, Street Musician Festival, May 17th, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2012 – Curated Performance Fiesta Event, Reality, July 24th, Hirvitalo, Contemporary Art Center, Pispala, Tampere, Finland.
2012 – Collaborated in the Jazz concert,
Muusikoiden sokkotreffit, June 7th, Herta Cafe, Tampere, Finland.
2009 – Free jazz performance with Black Motor, February 2nd, Herta, Tampere, Finland.


2008 – Site specific sound sculpture, Theatre Stadia, Helsinki, Finland.
2007 – Environment Sculpture-Kuusiluoto-island, Helsinki, Finland.
2006 – Sound in Motion, Sculpture Show- Bombay Art Gallery, Mumbai, India.
1999 – Water Colors from sikkim,Vyaktitva Art center, Baroda, India.


2008 – Log Drum project, October to December, Hirvitalo, Center of contemporary Arts, Pispala, Tampere, Finland.
2002 –
Artist in Residence – Auroville, Kala Khoj Pondicherry, India.
2001 – Visiting Sculptor, Malayala Kalagramam, Mahe, Kerela, India.


2016 – Sound Performance, Pixelache Event, ‘Interface of Empathy‘, Lapinlahden sairala, Helsinki, Finland.
2011 –
Performance at the environment art project, September 3rd,  LARU 11, Helsinki, Finland.
2011 –
Performance at Italian Pavilion, September 2nd, 54 Venice Biennale,
Akateeminen Kirja kauppa, Helsinki, Finland.
2010 – 
Co-operation, a performance project, September 7th to10th, TeaK & Dartington(UK), Helsinki, Finland.
2010 – P
erformance at Arsenal Museum, Indirect communication, August 26th, Riga, Latvia.
2010 – P
erformance at Arts Nova Museum, August 12th, Turku, Finland.
2010 –
Performative presentation, Asiaa Week, July 17th, Hirvitalo, Tampere, Finland.
2010 – Ritual Performance, Environmental Art camp, June 14th, Oranki Art, Lapland.
2010 – Perfo, May 29th, Pori, Finland.
2010 – Live Art Generator, May 3th to15th, Pori, Finland.
2010 – Global container XI event, April 17th, Estonia.
2009 – Nights of live art,Dec 1st, 2nd & 3rd,  TEAK, Finland.
2009 – Art Vetturit performance event, April 14th, Tampere, Finland.
2009 – Performance at lost foundation exhibition happening, April 4th, Tampere, Finland.
2008 – Community ritual performance – Tukkirumpu, December 16th,  Pispala Hill, Hirvitalo, Tampere, Finland.
2008 – Performance organized by PAIR, November 7th, Lahti, Finland.
2008 – Performance at Cable factory, Art contact & HIAP September 27th, Helsinki, Finland.
2008 – 7 days in exotic ways, Mutaageni, August 24 to 30, Töölo, Helsinki, Finland.

2008 – Performance, Alliance Francaise, Khoj Live, March 27th, Delhi, India.
2006 – Solo Performance, Indian Habitat, Rai University, Aug 23th, Delhi, India.
2003 – Solo Performance at Jammu College of Fine Arts, India.
2003 – Performance as a project, College of Art, Delhi, India.


2017 – 9 September, collaboration with various artists, durational sound performance (7hrs 45 minutes), Funky Elephant Festival, 3D Shadow Play, Suvilahti, Helsinki.
2013 – Diverse Universe Performance Tour, Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Estonia.
2012 – Performance collaboration, Diverse Universe Performance Festival, Pori, Finland.
2012 – Performance collaboration, ISSUE Open Demonstration Forum, Rajatila Gallery, April 3th,  Tampere, Finland.
2010 – Performance collaboration, wasteland festival, July 25th, Kouvola, Finland.
2010 – Performance collaboration, Performance Fiesta, Hirvitalo & TEHDAS, July 24th, Hirvitalo, Tampere, Finland.
2010 – Group performance, Imaginary Playground, MUU gallery, February 8th, Helsinki, Finland.
2009 – Performance collaboration, Runotuli, May 10th,  Tampere, Finland.
2007 – Performance collaboration, Travancore House, December 11th to13th, Delhi, India.
2007 – Performance collaboration with the Artists of Porvoo, Old castle Ritual and sound performance, April 20th, Finland.


2011 – Performance Workshop in Oriveden Opisto , Orivesi, Finland.
2011 – Workshop with Savu Projekti children, “We perform for the video, video performs for us
, Tampere, Finland.
2008 – Art workshop with children at Gaija, Ähtäri, Finland.
2008 – Performance workshop collaborating with Forum theatre group, Estonia.
2007 – Art Therapy Workshop, Kellokosken Psychetric Center- Kalliomaan School,
isto, Finland.
2007 – Artist talk & presentation at Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.
2006 – Dimensional space Workshop, IFFI, Dehradun, India.
2003 – Workshop combining eco materials at RK Mission, Sarada School, Arunachal Pradesh &
VKV Assam, India.
2002 – Workshop on environmental art in Schools around India- (KFI sahyadri) Pune, (New
Creation School) Auroville, (Vasant Valley School) Delhi, India.


2011 – Performance Studies International Conference # 17 Camillo 2.o, Utrecht, Netherlands, on Technology, Memory, Experience.we from the TEAK, LAPS group (2009-2011) presented a shift on 26th May – The Presentation has been shelved, archived, forgotten, dusted, found, and renamed.


2004 – Dhanraj Bhagat Award & Topper of the year Award, College of Art, Delhi, India.
1999 – Appreciation for Body Language performance, Rottary Club, Baroda, India.


Taike Artist Grant for Multi-Disciplinary Art, 1.1-30.6.2018. April 20th, Finland.


Paintings in private collection – (India) Shillong, Pondicherry, Chennai, Kolkata, Baroda, Pune, Mumbai, Dehradun.
(International) Norway, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland.

Sculptures – (India) Bombay Art Gallery, Andretta Pottery Studio – Himachal Pradesh & Nagpur.
Site specific display – “Tree Space”, (India) Dehradun, Mahe- Kerela, Auroville – Pondicherry & Finland.

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